Meet the Foxströms:

Foxströms is a band of animals. Each band member knows how to play an instrument or two. Are you able to figure out who's the trumpetist? Who's got the rhythm? What happens when everybody's playing in sync? And what does the fox say?

What is Foxströms?

Foxströms is a project that was born as an end-product of Juha Salonen's master's thesis. It's a touch screen game for kids, designed together with the kids with the goal of introducing the fascinating world of music for little ones.

The game let's the kids explore the wide range of music genres and instruments. Initially the game will include 3 original songs with matching venues: balkan beat, electro, and surf rock. Later on some jazz and hip hop will follow. Music and graphics are hand crafted with mixed techniques which gives a unique look and feel to the game.

When will it be available?

The game will be available on the Apple App Store in summer 2014. If you want to get informed when exactly that is going to happen, visit our website and let us know.

Who are developing the game?

Juha Salonen graduated from Media Lab Helsinki in 2013. Other folk in Kalabalik Studio are Gokce Taskan, Henna Luoma, Juha Vaaraniemi and Tuomas Ahva. Gokce is the lead developer. He has also graduated from Media Lab Helsinki in 2011. Henna Luoma is the graphic designer. Juha and Tuomas form the music and sound effect department, both doing music composition and sound design. Tuomas currently studies Sound in New Media in Media Lab Helsinki.

What does the fox say?

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